Yamuna Facial Therapy

Yamuna Facial Therapy which uses the Yamuna Face Ball method is a proven effective, deeply therapeutic toning technique which stimulates bone to promote bone health; releases fascia and activates muscles to increase the tone of the muscle and skin.

It frees up pressure throughout the skull and can change repetitive stress patterns within the face. It is more of a workout for the face and is unlike a traditional cleanse tone and moisturise facial.

During the treatment you lie down with your head resting on a larger neck ball while a smaller face ball is worked on your face. The ball is held in set positions pressing through to the bone and the muscles are worked in directions specific to the individual client.

You may feel slight discomfort in areas where tension is held or scar tissue is present but this usually dissipates quickly as the fascia and muscle let go. The skin may also be red after the treatment but this is due to increased circulation and will soon settle.

The Yamuna Face Ball method stimulates bone health; releases pressure throughout the skull providing relief from the effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension caused by: squinting; frowning; jaw clenching; teeth grinding; headaches and blocked sinuses. It also lifts and reawakens the face and can reduce fine lines.

The full appointment lasts for 90 minutes, which includes a consultation and 60 minute treatment.

It very much depends on each individual. A single treatment will lift and reawaken the face. A course of treatments can release and change stress patterns and rejuvenate the face.

If you are looking to make significant changes, I would recommend an initial course of 6 treatments over a period of six weeks.

It is individual for each client, but a single treatment can last a week or two but effects are cumulative so after a few treatments the results will last significantly longer. However, just like working out for the body, the same applies to the face, the more we maintain the face the better the long term results will be.
The Yamuna Face Ball method is deeper than alternative natural facelifts as it works on the bone to stimulate, rehydrate and lift it and not just on the muscle and skin. In doing so it lifts the face back to where it used to be, allowing the muscle and skin to follow. Without working on the bone which is the foundation of the face, working muscle and skin alone will not lead to lasting results. With Botox and similar, it is often obvious someone has had something ‘done’. However, with Yamuna Face Ball most clients report that friends comment on how well they look and are aware something is different but that they often can’t put their finger on what exactly it is.

Yamuna Facial Therapy is suitable for men and women of all ages. It was originally created for women aged 40+ but the younger one starts this work the better chance they have of maintaining a wrinkle free relaxed face through the decades.

It is advised that women arrive to the appointment make-up free.

Individual treatment: £60. A course of 6 treatments: £300.

Sharon can visit your home or a venue of your choice: Price on application.

Yamuna Facial Therapist

Sharon Clark