The journey through Pregnancy and early Parenthood is a unique time of life.

Our team understands that expectants couples, mother’s to be, babies and children are a unique client group, who require support and advice from those with specialist skills, knowledge and training.

With experts now recognising that the first 1001 days of a babies life (conception to age 2) as being crucial to a babies development we work together to optimise  health and wellbeing at this important time of life.  Starting with early pregnancy, birth and labour our pregnancy classes and antenatal classes aim to support families to feel confident and positive as they prepare for their babies birth and caring for a new born.  Then moving into the postnatal period our baby groups and baby classes help to enhance relationships, bonding and attachment, optimise development and safely restore the female body to its potential.

Baby Centre Services & Location:

Our signature services are all run by highly specialist practitioners who solely work within their specialist area, to give expectant couples and new families the best possible guidance, advice and support network.  Our team boasts midwives, a women’s health physiotherapist, a children’s developmental physiotherapist and breast feeding peer supporters.

Our classes are held across Norwich, South Norfolk and further afield with our hub and Baby Centre being at Rowan House Health and Wellbeing Centre in Hethersett.

Signature Services:

Associated Services:

Our associate services are held at Rowan House Health and Wellbeing Centre in Hethersett and are designed to compliment our signature services, offering additional support and care to expectant mothers, families and babies if and when needed.  Practitioners are able to offer mothers to be relief from morning sickness and pregnancy related aches and pains as well as treatment to assist turning a breach baby and options for inducing labour.  Our services for babies and children may help with common baby related conditions such as colic and unsettled behaviour, with specific therapies to alsupport early development.