Yamuna Facial Therapist

Sharon Clark

Sharon qualified as a Yamuna Face Ball practitioner in February 2016. As one of the first practitioners to qualify in the UK she is presently the only one within Norfolk and East Anglia and can be found on the Yamuna USA practitioner list.

Sharon who has a lifelong interest in health and wellbeing was introduced to the Yamuna Body Sustainability system whilst training to become a comprehensive Pilates teacher in London. Having seen the exceptional results of Body Rolling on clients’ bodies when incorporated into their Pilates lessons, Sharon leapt at the chance to take the Face Ball training as she immediately understood what may be achieved through stimulation and release work to the face.

”We hold everything within our faces from birth and throughout our entire lives, whether it’s a small knock on a cupboard door, a major trauma to the head or simply everyday tension through squinting, jaw clenching, teeth grinding and blocked sinuses. Through time stress patterns become set and scar tissue becomes stuck creating pressure on the scull. By stimulating deep release within the face, stress patterns can be changed and tension can be freed resulting in profound effects throughout the whole of the body.”

The Yamuna Face Ball method also offers a natural alternative to Botox, fillers and even cosmetic surgery. It is a proven-effective, deeply therapeutic toning technique which stimulates bone, can lift and reawaken the face and help reduce fine lines. Results can be seen after one treatment but benefits are cumulative with a course of treatments as stress patterns are changed.

“With Botox and similar, it is often obvious someone has had something ‘done’. However, with Yamuna Face Ball most clients report that friends comment on how well they look and are aware something is different but they often can’t put their finger on what it is.”

Unlike traditional cleanse, tone and moisturise facials, it is more of a workout for the face. You may feel slight discomfort in areas where tension is held but this usually dissipates quickly as the fascia and muscle let go. During the treatment your head rests on a larger neck ball while a smaller face ball is worked on your face. Sharon advises arriving free of make-up and with little or no moisturiser applied. This allows for better traction of the ball and can help avoid sliding of the ball, therefore providing a stronger and more effective treatment.

The treatment is suitable for both men and women and is individual to each client, addressing specific issues they may have based on their facial anatomy and stress patterns. It is also perfect preparation to rejuvenate and relax you in the run up to a special occasion, or on your special day, providing the perfect foundation for flawless makeup.

Sharon continues to develop her training and understanding of the Yamuna method and regularly attends training courses in London.

Sharon who is a Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA -Pilates Method Alliance) also works from her studio in Cromer where she offers Body Rolling and 1:1 and 2:1 Pilates lessons using a combination of apparatus and matwork.

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