Emma Broom

Emma trained at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent and qualifying in Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy in 2001.

Emma set up The Clinic on the Green in Old Buckenham in 2003, heading a multidisciplinary team who together aimed to provide people with a range of treatments, complementing orthodox traditional medical practice, taking care of the person as a whole, not just treating the symptoms of the problem. The clinic enjoyed success for 13 years until it sadly closed due to lack of parking that restricted it’s growth.  In April 2016 Emma moved her practice to Rowan House and continues to offer the same holistic approach to treatment and care of her patients there.

Like all osteopaths, Emma is a member of the General Osteopathic Council and regularly attends courses. She recently completed a diploma in Equine Osteopathy. This has given her a greater understanding of the mechanics of, and the stresses and strains caused by any relationship with horses. Emma has a close working association with animal manipulators Louis Lemay and Ken Skinner.  Together they can ensure that horse and rider are aligned and not causing imbalance and discomfort to each other.

Emma’s main priority is to give you a better understanding of your problem, offering advice and exercises to empower you to be active in your own recovery.  She often puts emphasis on improving posture and will prescribe simple exercises to help you build up the correct muscles for better natural alignment. Emma suggests that you bring a smart phone to your treatment, with which she can take photographs to provide you with a visual aid to aim for.

Emma has a broad experience of treating pain in all ages. She offers evening appointments and usually keeps some appointments for emergencies.  She is happy to discuss any queries by phone.  To contact Emma, ring 01603 813987.

Please contact Emma:

Telephone: 01603 813987


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