Pregnancy and Baby Yoga Instructor

Debbie Bagley

Hi, my name is Debbie and I teach Bhava yoga. This works incredibly well with my speciality of woman’s health, as Bhava means the essence or feeling, as in mood. Each week practice will differ depending on the way your body feels, which is incredibly important when we face so many challenging phases of our lives.

My focus and goal is for each member of my class to feel empowered by their female body, working towards being the best that they can be without striving for society’s version of perfection. Each class will include breathing techniques to optimise health of the mind, body and most importantly the pelvic floor. Each position and pose helps to stretch, strengthen and tone to help remove tension, tightness and imbalance, often caused by our busy lives, worry and stress. Help build your body’s positive connections for health and happiness.

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Telephone: 07868750660

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